Sypris Solutions NASDAQ SYPR

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Sypris Solutions Inc. provides components for trucks, oil and gas pipelines, and electronics for aerospace and defence in the United States and Mexico. It operates in two segments, Sypris Technologies and Sypris Electronics. The Sypris Technologies segment supplies forged and machined components for the commercial vehicle, off-highway vehicle, light truck, automotive, and energy markets. This segment produces drive train components, like axle shafts, transmission shafts, steer axle forgings, gear sets and other components for automotive and truck manufacturers. It also provides value-added operations for drive train assemblies; and manufactures energy-related products, like pressurized closures, insulated joints, and other speciality products mainly used for oil and gas pipelines and related energy markets.

The Sypris Electronics segment offers electronic manufacturing services, including circuit card and full box build manufacturing, high-reliability manufacturing, systems assembly and integration, design for manufacturability, and design to specification work for customers in the aerospace and defence electronics industry. This segment provides circuit card assembly services for electronic sensors and systems, such as radar and targeting systems, navigation systems, tactical ground stations, weapons systems, and targeting and warning systems, as well as offers solutions for identity management, cyber analytics, cryptographic key distribution and manufactured complex data storage systems.

Along with that, it offers value-added solutions, such as low-volume prototype assembly and high-volume turnkey manufacturing. Additionally, the company provides engineering design and repair or inspection services. Sypris Solutions Inc. sells engineered product lines under the Tube Turns brand name. The company was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr Jeffery T. Gill is the CEO of Sypris Solutions Inc.

Stocks of Sypric Solutions Inc. are listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker ‘SYPR’. The NASDAQ: SYPR stock at  is currently trading for $1.13. The company has a market cap worth $24.08 million. The Covid-19 became a pandemic, the NASDAQ: SYPR stock was traded for $0.7118 and has increased to its current price by 58.8% since then. The company reported an EPS of -$0.01 and earned $22.43 million in the first quarter of 2020. Its key competitors are Honeywell International, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Axon Enterprise, etc.  You can check the stock news from stock apps.

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